Keep your devices safe with Heartland Mac's premium anti-virus software


Best in class antivirus, protecting your machine and monitored by our team. Firewall to protect your system from hackers. Ransomware Shields protecting from hackers encrypting your files. Wi-Fi inspectors detecting weaknesses in your homes WiFi network. 


Protect +

Ultimate protection for home or work. Protect+ provides best in class antivirus that our team will monitor and maintain from the cloud and all of the same great features of Protect. Additionally, Protect+ also provides hardware monitoring, preventative maintenance and hassle free software updates.

Do you know the early signs of a hard drive failure? What if a background process is constantly using all of your computers power? Protect+ also helps with your systems health monitoring.

Keep your computer running longer and smoother at its more optimal performance with the 24/7 preventative maintenance that Protect+ provides.

And let the hassle of safely running system updates to our team. 


Two Locations:

Kansas City:
322 Southwest Blvd.,
Kansas City, MO 64108


Phone: 816.361.2676

Lawrence, KS:
725 N 2nd St
Lawrence, KS 66044